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Hello Folks!

My first term as your Section Manager has flown by!  Whew!  Our Section has had GREAT success.  You,  your Section Leadership, and staff members have made quantum leaps serving the Amateur Radio Community!  We have truly Raised the Bar! This has benefited  all of us, for sure.   I would like to keep this momentum going.  So, I am asking that you please vote for me in the coming election.

Now….No way could I ever have accomplished these quantum leaps alone.  I have appointed some of the finest, most knowledgeable amateurs to Section leadership positions and to staff positions throughout our Section.  These hams have a true volunteer spirit and have worked alongside me, wanting to see the Section succeed.  Along with  your input, this incredible staff has had GREAT success.

Before I was elected in 2012, I shared with you my many years of experience in serving the Amateur Radio Community.  I also mentioned my plan to work with clubs, all Hams in the State of Indiana and our Section Staff to in implement changes and/or improvements as deemed necessary.  Working with all of you to achieve our goals continues to be a proud accomplishment.

I also spoke of my determination to work with top staff and hams in the State as a cohesive team, to address old and new challenges  with Experience, Understanding and Compassion, to improve service to all of you.  I am proud to say we have accomplished this and more.  If you re-elect me as your Section Manager, this momentum will continue and will in turn create more quantum leaps in our service and activities.  I and our whole staff are here to serve and want to continue in this capacity.  So, I am asking for your vote.

During my term of office over the last year and a half, I and my top staff have worked hard to be as transparent as possible, keeping you informed as to what we are doing in harmony with what is going on around the world with Ham Radio.  This has been accomplished in large part due to our Section Newsletter, which I publish each month online in addition to our visits to clubs and hamfests, and just visiting with you whenever possible.  You all deserve to hear from us each month so that you know what is happening in your Section!  I feel it is extremely important to keep you informed and will continue to do so!

You can see pictures of your Section Top Staff on the ARRL HQ website here:  http://www.arrl.org/sections/view/indiana  After you view the pictures you can click on your browsers back button to come back here to finish reading this page.  I wish I could share pictures of our entire staff of 175+ Appointees but that is not possible at this time.  So, these photos are of the Top Staff Managers for each department.

I appreciate everyone’s contributions to our success with Raising the Bar in the Indiana Section.


I would like to share with you some of what
we have accomplished since I took office July 1, 2012.  So, please continue reading.




Under the Leadership of Larry Jones, WB9FHP, our ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), our Section ARES Team has made outstanding progress, and is shining bright.  Totally awesome!  Organization and Reporting has improved immensely!  Accountability has stood out as excellent, and protocol continues to improve as the ARES mission in Indiana becomes more defined.

We have called in all of our Emergency Coordinators’ County Emergency Plans, for review.  To date approximately 95% have been reviewed by your SEC and your SM.  For those ECs who did not have an Emergency Plan, we asked them to complete one and submit it.  We will be at 100% on all this, very soon.  This is being accomplished to ensure that the whole Indiana ARES Team is on the same basic sheet of music, with differences being massaged to fit a particular county.  All this is to ensure we have solid communication service in each of your counties, should a Natural disaster or other emergency situation occur.

Further, we have made it a requirement that every District Emergency Coordinator (DEC) and Emergency Coordinator (EC) have FEMA Courses, ICS 100, 200, 700, and 800, so as to be better equipped in serving our communities and our served agencies.  We have also made it a requirement that these same staff members advance to General Class License holder or higher, if not already done so.  This is so they will be able  to work the HF Emergency Nets during practice drills and real emergency situations; and be ready for advanced leadership rolls, if called upon to do so.  These things have been made a matter of Section Policy, and are in writing.  Job Descriptions have been augmented to reflect these requirements, as well.  These things are proving to be beneficial in creating a very strong well organized ARES Program.  Truly!  Raising the Bar!



Under the leadership of Mike Poyser, N9EXM, ARRL Section Traffic Manager (STM), our Section NTS Team has worked hard to make the Indiana Section proficient with strong nets and superb traffic handling.  The NTS Team consists of our STM, Official Relay Stations, and Net Managers, and all Traffic Handlers.  Mike also keeps tract of our Indiana Public Service Honor Roll and Brass Pounders, as well.  All of these folks report to Mike and then he creates a very detailed consolidated report containing all the traffic handling numbers and sends it to me.  I then use it for future reference and to go with my reports to ARRL HQ, each and every month.

Many say our NTS-Indiana Team has become one of the best traffic handling teams in the Nation, and that the Indiana Section is very active in this activity.  We are extremely proud to be active Traffic Handlers and to be recognized by others as one of the best.

Since I was elected in 2012, we appointed new Official Relay Stations and Net Control Stations, and received GREAT support from our 9th Region Representatives.  All this adds to our success with the NTS-Indiana Program.

You can see how many awards were presented to our NTS Hams in our December Newsletter.  Scroll to the end of the Newsletter under “Section Manager’s Comments” here:  http://www.inarrl.org/section_monthly_news_dec13.pdf  After viewing this document click the back key to return to this page and continue reading.  We are certainly proud of all the hard work this Team performs in making the Indiana Section shine!   This Team has definitely Raised the Bar!



Under the leadership of Joe March, KJ9M, our ARRL Public Information Coordinator (PIC), our Section Public Information Team has truly excelled in expanding community awareness of Amateur Radio and what we do.  We have added more ARRL Public Information Officers (PIO) to the Team and provided media kits, etc., to assist them in their work as PIOs.  Your Public Information Team is becoming one of the best in the nation, and if I know Joe March it will continue to improve.

Public awareness of what we do as Amateur Radio Operators is extremely important, and this Team takes the lead in accomplishing this part of our mission.  They have certainly Raised the Bar in how Amateur Radio Information reaches our Indiana Hams, and the general public.



Under the determination and tenacity of Dave Spoelstra, N9KT, our ARRL State Government Liaison (SGL), Indiana Amateur Radio concerns with the government are kept an eye on and dealt with, accordingly.  When the Legislature is in session Dave has many bills that he reviews, to ensure there are none that will have an adverse effect on Amateur Radio in Indiana.   If he comes across something that needs our attention, he will let me know and advise me as to what we need to do.  Dave has been at this for many years, and continues to be one of the most outstanding SGLs in the nation.  His activities for the Section continue to Raise the Bar as we move forward in serving you.



Our Official Observer Program, under the leadership of Dave Epley, N9CZV our ARRL Official Observer Coordinator (OOC), has increased in Official Observer (OO) appointments, activity, and reporting.  Our OO Team continues to protect our airwaves in a helpful manner, not only for Indiana Amateurs but for Amateurs nationwide.  If an infraction of the FCC Rules is heard, a helpful Advisory Notice goes out.  If a station is heard that is an extra good operator, a Good Operator Notice goes out.  They report every month to our OOC and he, in turn, sends me a report on all the activity for the month.  I then use this information for future reference and is included with my monthly reports to ARRL HQ, in Newington, CT.   Folks!  This Team has taken quantum leaps in Raising the Bar!  We sincerely appreciate the OO Team and their accomplishments.



Our Section Technical Program, under the leadership of Mark Westermeier, N9OZ, our ARRL Section Technical Coordinator (TC), has grown and become more efficient in serving the Amateur Radio Community.  We have added several Technical Specialists (TS) to our staff, and I know that Mark is actively searching for more individuals that would like to be appointed as an ARRL Technical Specialist, in the Indiana Section.  We would like to see a Technical Specialist in each county, and Mark and his Team are on their way to success with this goal.  We are fortunate to have some of the most talented, experienced, and helpful TSs in the nation.  We’ve definitely Raised the Bar with our Technical Program, and we truly appreciate the work this Team is doing.



Our ARRL Affiliated Club Program is headed up by Dr. Doreen Everett, AE5QM, our ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator.  Doreen has been traveling statewide visiting clubs, making presentations, and offering her assistance in whatever our clubs need.  She has worked hard and tirelessly to support the club effort in the Indiana Section.  As a result, we have seen an increase in ARRL Membership, clubs becoming ARRL Affiliates, and Affiliated clubs becoming Special Services Clubs.  Clubs are the foundation of Amateur Radio, so it is important that we work with them.  Doreen is doing this.  Our Section Club Program is healthy and stronger than it has been in a long, long time.  We have seriously Raised the Bar in this effort.



These are positions I appoint individuals to for assistance in special projects.  Currently I have three Assistant Section Managers.  They are Brian Jenks, W9BGJ, Padraig Lysandrou, KC9UUS, and Larry Jones, WB9FHP.

Brian, W9BGJ, is our Assistant Section Manager for HF Net Expansion and Development, with a focus on NTS Traffic.  Brian is doing and incredibly fantastic job.  Brian is responsible for kicking off and managing our Indiana Radio Teletype Net (IRTN), assisting the CW Net (QIN) Manager, working to build up the morning session of the CW net and encourages all to participate. Brian works closely with our Section Traffic Manger and me, so as to provide cohesiveness and stability with our Section Nets.  He is working on bringing another digital mode onboard as an NTS-Indiana net in the near future.  Brian sends me a report each and every month.  Brian definitely contributes to Raising the Bar in our Section.

Padraig, KC9UUS, is our Assistant Section Manager for Youth Activities.  Padraig has been very busy, representing our Indiana Section, all over the world, to include Cyprus and Japan Youth Groups.  He has also represented us at several universities here in the US and is currently trying to decide what University he would like to attend.  Padraig has been presented with many Amateur Radio awards, and has appeared in QST Magazine.  Once in the May 2013 issue on his Cyprus DXpedition article, and also in another issue with his school club at Bloomington, Indiana.  Other groups have recognized his accomplishments, as well.   Padraig continues to represent the Amateur Radio Youth in Indiana in a very fine way.  We appreciate him and all he has accomplished in assisting us in Raised the Bar

Larry, WB9FHP, serves as Assistant Section Manager as our Emergency Communication Manager.  As mentioned above, he is our Section Emergency Coordinator, as well.  This Assistant Manager position puts Larry in charge of all Emergency Communication Activities in the Indiana Section.  Further, if I were to become incapacitated for a period of time, it is likely that the person in this position would act in my behalf in managing the Section.  With his knowledge and experience Larry has become a vital part of our Management Team, assisting in Raising the Bar to new levels.  We appreciate him and all he does in this capacity.

The whole Section Team is totally AWESOME, Folks!  We have made a “quantum leap in making our Section strong and absolutely friendly, and most of all relevant; and recognized by many, as one of the best in the nation.

Yes!  We have truly Raised the Bar in our service to our fellow Hams, and we want to continue this incredible momentum we have going!  This is why I need your vote in this year’s Section Manager Election.  (April 1 – May 16).

You should receive your ballots sometime between April 1 and April 10.  Ballots are requested back to ARRL HQ no later than 4 PM Eastern Time on Friday, May16, 2014.   The ballots will be counted on the following Tuesday, May 20, 2014.  So, please mark them as soon as you get them and drop them back in the mail so they can arrive back at ARRL HQ plenty early.



Folks, I truly believe I have discharged my duties and responsibilities and more, in a fine manner as your Section Manager and fellow Ham.  With my prior experience and current service to our Amateur Radio Community and the general public, I sincerely believe I am the best candidate for the position of Section Manager, for the Indiana Section!  So, I am asking for you vote in the upcoming election.

Below, I have listed some of the things that I have accomplished and continue to accomplish in discharging my duties as your Section Manger and fellow Ham.

1.  I recruited, appointed and supervised Section-Level Staff in administering our Field Organization’s principal areas of responsibility in the Section.  These areas are mostly mentioned in the above paragraphs.

2.  I appointed qualified ARRL members to other volunteer positions in support of our Field Organization objectives.

3.  I have kept well informed of ARRL Policy so as to administer our field Organization in accordance with current policy, in order to provide correct information in response to members’ inquiries.

4.  I supervised the activities of our Section Level Staff, monitored performance of the Field Organization volunteers, and provided guidance as necessary to ensure that appointees act in the best interest of Amateur Radio in the Indiana Section, and in accordance with ARRL and Section policies.

5.  I have maintained liaison with our Central Area Director, and if he asked, I made reports to the Director regarding the status of Section activities.  I have also received information and guidance from the Director pertaining to matters of mutual concern and interest.  I am serving on the Division Cabinet and render advice when requested by the Director.

6.  I have conducted correspondence and other communication with the ARRL Members and affiliated clubs in the Section.  I have made personal visits to clubs, hamfests, and conventions.  I have continued to respond to members’ questions and concerns or refer them to the appropriate person or office in the ARRL Organization.

7.  With contributions from all of you and our Section staff members, I have personally published a Monthly Section Newsletter, providing information concerning our Section Activities as well as other Ham Radio activities from around the world.  I have continued to encourage member participation in our Field Organization activities.

8.  I have promoted recruitment of new amateurs and new ARRL members.  I have encouraged attitudes and actions which welcome new radio amateurs and integrate them into League and club activities.

Folks!  Working with all of you is what makes the Section a strong, successful ARRL Section.  However, I am only one man and I will never take all the credit for what you and all our Section Staff have accomplished.  However, I will take credit for putting the right people in the right positions and providing them with some direction, and lots of encouragement so good things can happen.  Without a doubt we, as a Team and as individuals, we have Raised the Bar in the Indiana Section!

So, let’s keep the momentum going, Folks!  Let’s keep the Bar set high.  Re-elect me, Lou Everett, Sr., WA5LOU, as your Section Manager and I will see to it that all of the things mentioned above and more, along with your input, will continue in an upward spiral to even higher levels of success.

Together, we are an AWESOME strong, successful Team.  Together, we have Raised the Bar in the Indiana Section. Together, we will take it to new fun and exciting heights!

I would truly appreciate your vote in this election, and would enjoy hearing from you.  Please mark you ballots for Lou Everett, Sr., WA5LOU, and re-elect me as your Section Manager for the ARRL Indiana Section.

I would be honored to hear from you.  Please give me a call or drop me an e-mail.


Lou Everett, Sr., WA5LOU
ARRL Section Manager, Indiana Section

Telephone:  317-757-8123